Smart City

Our Smart City Services

  • Blue Printing & Framework for E-Governance in Municipalities & ULBs- Municipal Services process, Assessment for Technology BOM, Finance Modeling & Governance Structure
  • ICT Roadmap and Tech. Assessment– Enterprise Architecture Roadmap , Dataflow plan, Service convergence, Evaluation to detailed proposals
  • Smart Cities ICT Enablement & Implementation – Connectivity, Security Solutions, Datacenter, Network Infrastructure & Service Automation across Smart City Buckets
  • Smart Cities Digitization, Optimization & Automation - Design ,Implementation & Support
  • Sustainability -Resource conservation , self sufficiency , recycle practices , Energy Mgmt , Green Building
  • Centralized Management Services & Operation – Unified Command Center - Utilities, Traffic & Security , Collaborative Decision Environment customized for a city viz Crisis Mgmt Center
  • Smart City Performance & Governance – Complex analytics, modeling, optimization, and visualization
  • Instrumentation, Data Acquisition, Data Integration Solutions – integration of live real-world data through the use of sensors, kiosks, meters, personal devices, cameras, smart phones, etc.
  • Smart Instrumentation Design & Testing– Indigenous design of Smart Instruments in retrofit scenarios leveraging Sensors , IoT and Embedded Technology
  • Managing Urban Services – Services outsourcing for utility transaction , Citizen Centers , IT Assets , Project Services etc.

Building block of our focus

smart management

Smart Energy

This product helps in Smart Grids, Smart Meters, Intelligent Energy Storage


Smart Transportation

This product used in Low-emission Mobility, Integrated Mobility Solutions, Multimodal Transport


Smart Buildings

This product helps in Building Automation, Advanced HVAC, Lighting Equipment


Smart Technology

This product used in Broadband penetration rate of over 80% Location Based Services, Augmented Reality


Smart Infrastructure

This product used in to Sensor Networks, smart Water and Waste Management


Smart Healthcare

This ptoduct helps in Use of e-health & m-health systems Intelligent SOS & Tracking devices


Smart Security

The product used in Surveillance Biometrics,Simulation modeling and crime prediction


Smart Governance

This product is used for e-Services, e-Knowledge,Disaster & Emergency Management Solutions

remote weather station

Smart Citizen

This product is used for Use of Green, Mobility Options, Smart Lifestyle, Choices, Energy conscious