Remote Enginering

Remote engineering helps in reducing costs, pooling in talent resources and accelerate time-to-market by bringing the field to the engineer. It makes centralized engineering resource in a far offsite location a possibility.

Through Remote Engineering, Electrono makes machine management convenient and efficient with seamless connectivity, analysis, data logging, and maintenance. We manage machine and data with maximum efficiency and security. So everything is within your engineering team’s reach, wherever they are in the world. Our Plug & Play solutions make sure you can make the transition without any worries about downtime.

We provide a range of services to give you better machine performance insights:

Industrial Router:

We provide Industrial VPN Routers, which are compatible with every operating system and work efficiently within different kinds of networks. Also, it can be easily configured by using any latest internet browser. With our powerful router system, you can connect to your PLC/HMI to manage/ analyze the machines at the click of a button.

Electrono Enterprise Suite:

Developed by our in-house software experts, Electrono Enterprise Suite is simple and convenient. It will make sure your connections are fully transparent and conveniently presented on the portal, regardless of the operating system - be it PLC, HMI, Robot or computer.


Data Logging and Visualization:

When it comes to Data Logging and Visualisation, you can rely on us for accurate measurement and data saving. Using our system, you will be able to visualise data in graphs, tables, column charts, and pie charts. It will help you in measuring, solving and improving processes.


PLC, HMI and Network Management:

For machine builders (Real-time access and remote control): Configure secure and reliable VPN connections between your computer, a machine and our Plug and Play Service Gate Router. So you can identify issues and resolve problems before they impact end users. Also, you will be able to cut down on response time and maintenance costs, while increasing the up-time of your machines.

For managers and owners (Smarter and more sustainable business): Through our secure M2M communication, you will be able to optimize your processes – right from getting real-time data insights from devices to the status of operations. It will help you in the visualization of data from different perspectives, analysis and locating how the production fluctuated on a specific moment.

For utilities (Environment-friendly): Our solutions, which can be linked to any existing system or infrastructure, will help you in creating a stable and reliable communication infrastructure. Also, it will give you insights into performance, which ensure the reduction of calamities and disruptions. So you can focus on improving the overall process.