South Asia’s most experienced automotive lighting solutions company trusted Electrono for its Digital Transformation.

One of South Asia’s most experienced automotive lighting solution company with over 100 years trusted Electrono for its complete digital transformation.

Industry type: Discrete Manufacturing

Integrating Injection moulding into digital platform

  • Integrating controllers that does not support Ethernet connectivity
  • Integrating Utility Infra including state electricity supply, diesel generator, chiller , STP/ETP, Fire-line, Compressor & Dryer
  • Integrating with SAP layer
  • FIFO [First in First Out], they wanted the first in products to be out in the same order than having backlogs


  • We had to integrate various sensors such as temperature, level, load cell, current, voltage vibration etc. Our ability to build in-house sensors ensured we were able to provide solution all these unique requirement.
  • We were able to through energy parameters capture about close to 50 Parameters
  • It is not just a statistical analysis that can help perform the digital transformation in manufacturing (unlike stock market and other financial / Administration functions). There is a whole lot of Engineering analysis that is required, this understanding enabled us to provide validated data that provided actionable results
  • We were able to seamlessly connect all the data to SAP MES
  • By integrating camera for part identification and custom image processing we were able reduce the efforts of the personnel in the meantime improve effectiveness in FIFO achievement.