VibLYSE is a high accuracy vibration analysis system that enables preventive maintenance by continuously monitoring the condition of the machines. VibLYSE continuously analyses the frequency spectrum of any structure, machine or its moving part such as a motor, pump, blowers, gears, flywheels, ventilation system and predicts its vulnerability. This early warning helps in preventing any unplanned outages that may occurs which in turn helps in increasing the OEE of the machines and consequently increasing its usage and quality

Faults Identified by Vibration Analysis

There are several faults in rotating machinery that can be identified by measuring and analyzing the vibration generated by the machine

  • Machine out of balance or alignment
  • Resonance & Bent shafts
  • Gear mesh disturbances & Blade pass disturbances
  • Vane pass disturbances
  • Recirculation & Cavitation
  • Motor faults (rotor & stator)
  • Bearing failures
  • Mechanical looseness
  • Critical machine speeds
  • Early detection of mechanical fatigue avoids breakdown. All rotating equipment vibrates to some degree, but as older bearings and components reach the end of their product life, they begin to vibrate more dramatically, and in distinct ways.
  • Process steps
    • Measure
    • Analyze
    • Alarm
    • Report

VibLYSE will be complete monitoring solutions for Vibration measurement & analysis for all kind of machineries and helps to achieve the following:

  • VibLYSE helps in identifying signs of wear and damage well before the damage becomes an expensive problem.
  • The vibration is measured over a wide frequency range, such as 10-1000Hz or 10-10000Hz
  • Frequency analysis provided for detection and diagnosis of machine faults
  • The envelope analysis provided to extract the periodic impacts from the modulated random noise of a deteriorating rolling bearing in the machine.
  • Cestrum analysis provides the spacing of harmonics and sidebands in the spectrum.