E-CONFINELESS connect is our Cloud & Communication series for reliable industrial storage, security & communication. This forms the backbone of any IIOT implementation.

  • BALERION - Seamless Connectivity Platform

    BALERION is an Intelligent redundant multi-switch communication platform which forms the most important pillar of Industry 4.0 framework. This single platform supports multiple communication types which can be used in unison based on the location and level of redundancy required. BALERION supports:

    • GPS/GPRS
    • WI-FI
    • RF - Communication
    • PLC
    • Bluetooth
    • SD-WAN

    BALERION also comes with an Optical & RS232/RS485 option for communication.

  • MERAXIS - Confine-less Cloud Platform

    MERAXIS is an as-a-service platform that breaks the barriers hindering seamless data management. MERAXIS helps global business with actionable insights while having the capability to manage their workloads dynamically. It is a single platform that combines public, private, hybrid cloud along with any local data center. Some of the benefits include:

    • Minimize capex for organizations
    • Dynamic management of workloads seasonally or daily
    • Cost Optimization
    • Seamless Integration of data from multiple locations
    • Better Automation & Decision Making