The IIoT can significantly improve connectivity, efficiency, scalability, time savings, and cost savings for industrial organizations to comply with new regulations, increasing market speed and address volatility.

Electrono™ Enterprise software suite

A deployment software solution with flexible hardware integration for online condition monitoring, Real-time process capability information to facilitate Digital Six Sigma framework, waste identification promoting Lean initiatives and Real-time Quality    metrics  that allows companies to gain insight into their Manufacturing infrastructure like never before supporting well-informed decision making leading to better profits by optimizing Production, Maintenance and enhancing Quality. Further facilitates the integration of manufacturing data from machines to ERP software framework thereby leading to end-to-end Digital Automation.

Production Management Solutions:

  • Machine wise, Line wise and Factory wise OEE
  • Real-time throughput measurement
  • Bottleneck identification in the process
  • Facilitate data to evaluate KAIZEN / DMAIC opportunities
  • Facilitates visualization of wastes

Maintenance Management Solutions:

  • Condition Monitoring for Industrial and Rotating Equipment
  • Acquire Dynamic & Static Data, Analyze Waveform Data
  • Visualize Raw Data & Results
  • Generate & Manage Alarm
  • Manage Data
  • Configure and Monitor
  • Authenticate User & Devices
  • Integrate with IT Infrastructure
  • The Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT)

What is it and How Will it Affect Manufacturing?

The IIoT is part of a broader concept known as the Internet of Things (IoT). The IoT is a network of intelligent computers, devices, and objects that collect and share vast amounts of data. The received data is sent to a central Cloud-based service where it is aggregated with other data and then helpfully shared with end users. The IoT will increase automation in homes, schools, stores, and in many industries.

The application of the IoT to the manufacturing industry is called the IIoT (or Industrial Internet or Industry 4.0). The IIoT will revolutionize manufacturing by enabling the acquisition and accessibility of far more significant amounts of data, at far higher speeds, and far more efficiently than before. Many innovative companies have started to implement the IIoT by leveraging intelligent, connected devices in their factories.

IIoT Protocols

One of the issues encountered in the transition to the IIoT is the fact that different edge-of-network devices have historically used different protocols for sending and receiving data.

Challenges of the IIoT

Interoperability and security are probably the two biggest challenges surrounding the implementation of IIoT. As technology writer Margaret Rouse observes, “A major concern surrounding the Industrial IoT is interoperability between devices and machines that use different protocols and have different architectures.” Ignition is an excellent solution for this since it is cross-platform and built on open-source, IT-standard technologies.

Companies need to know that their data is secure & authenticated. The proliferation of sensors and other smart, connected devices has resulted in a parallel explosion in security vulnerabilities.

Industry4.0 with IIOT Connectivity

The IIoT is the future to be one of the main trends affecting industrialization today and in the future. Industries are pushing to modernize systems and equipment to meet new regulations, to keep up with increasing market speed and volatility, and to deal with disruptive technologies. IIoT has seen significant improvements to safety, efficiency, and profitability, and it is expected that this trend will continue as IIoT technologies are more widely adopted.

Electrono IIoT solution dramatically improves connectivity, efficiency, scalability, time savings, and cost savings for industrial organizations. It can unite the people, process, and systems on the plant floor with those at the enterprise level. It can also allow enterprises to get the most value from their system without being constrained by technological and financial limitations. For these reasons and more, Ignition offers the ideal platform for bringing the power of the IIoT into your enterprise.