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Multiple OS Platform For Online Access: WAN/LAN

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Remote Access: The desktop and the applications can be accessed anytime and from any locations, no matter if you are on the move.

Server Management: The deployment, management, and support become much simpler as the servers are located at a central location which can be managed from a single point.

Reduced Dependability of Device: Users dependability on the type of client device is greatly reduced, and the desktop or the company applications can be accessed with much simplicity from anywhere-anytime.

Performance: The Server-based computing is observed to offer better performance as compared to a web application or client-server model. Such applications need a large volume of data transferred between the server and the client. It is due to some highly advanced compression ratios offered by protocols such as ICA, NX, and RDP, sending only the screen updates between the server and client is much faster.

Security: Servers are better secure than clients; therefore the data is much safer. Adding more to security, the server hardware is housed in the server room or datacenter premises, which are much secure than that of user’s desk.

Servers Network Security and Hacks: The Web Servers are better managed and more secure, hence as compared to your desktop machine, there are much fewer chances of facing infection due to virus or malware.

The Total Cost of Ownership can be reduced <50% by Server-based computing and thin clients.

Scalability: Multiple additional servers, as well as the clients, can be added to the existing network as enough simplicity.

Enhanced availability: Making the terminal servers fault tolerant and achieving efficient load balancing can be easily possible with server-based computing. Furthermore, the server hardware’s design is such that it can offer better reliability in comparison to the client peripherals.